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Venom By Donny Cates Vol.2: The Abyss

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Release year: 2018

Author: Donny Cates

Illustrator: Ryan Stegman

Number of pages: 137

Volume starts from: Issue #7 to #12

Supplementary story folder:

Age Rating: 12+


Eddie finds himself for the first time in a long time, alone and without anyone, as he struggles with his mental state, returning to San Francisco to his father to discover new secrets about his family!

74.45 SAR
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One comment

حسين زواد

1 year ago

مثل Rex هذا القصة جميلة, تركز على شخصية ايدي بروك نفسه بطريقة خاص. واتمنى vol 3 تجي عشان تتصل مع absolute carnage لأن القصة venom تحتاج الكل يقرأه

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