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The Witcher Omnibus

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Release year: 2019

Author: Paul Tobin


  • Max Bertolini
  • Piotr Kowalski
  • Joe Quiiro

Number of pages: 435

The volume includes: The Witcher: House Of Glass #1 - #5, The Witcher: Fox Children #1 - #5, The Witcher: Curse Of Crows #1 - #5, The Witcher: Killing Monsters One-Shot ( Completed )

Age Rating: 18+


From the award-winning writer Eisner, here tells the adventures of the witcher monster hunter Girl of Rivia with stories inspired by the world of famous novels and games of the same name with a group of creative illustrators

111.71 SAR
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Yazeed alshehri

1 year ago

رائع الكوميكس

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