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The Flash By Geoff Johns: Book Two

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Release year: 2000

Author: Geoff Johns


  • Scott Collins
  • Angel Unzueta
  • Ethan Van Sciver

Number of pages: 399

The volume combines: Issues #177 to #188 as well as The Flash: Our Worlds At War #1, Flash Secret Files And Origins #3, DC First: Flash/Superman #1

Supplementary story folder:

Age Rating: 12+


Wally West may be the fastest man alive, but he also struggles to make changes in his personal life and sacrifice himself in order to protect Keystone City. New enemies begin to appear and cause bigger problems for The Flash.

93.04 SAR
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عبدالعزيز العتيبي

1 year ago

جديد و مغلف.

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