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The Death Of Superman

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Release year: 1992

the book:

  • Dan Jurgens
  • Jerry Ordway
  • Louise Simonson
  • Roger Stern


  • Jon Bogdanove
  • Brett Breeding
  • Tom Grummett
  • Jackson Guice
  • Dan Jurgens

Number of pages: 212

The volume includes: Action Comics #684, Adventures Of Superman #497, Justice League Of America #69, Superman #74 - #75, Superman: The Man Of Steel #18 - #19 ( Completed )

Age Rating: 12+


The event that shook the entire DC world! A creature called Doomsday comes to Earth and creates panic among everyone, the heroes of his power that no one can stop and there is only Superman to stand in front of him, will he be able to defeat him or not?

101.52 SAR
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