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The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Book 1

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Release year: 1963

the book:

  • Cary Burkett
  • Tom DeFalco
  • Tony Isabella
  • David Michelinie
  • Al Milgrom
  • Louise Simonson


  • Ron Frenz
  • Greg Laroque
  • Rick Leonardi
  • Al Milgrom
  • Paul Neary

The volume includes: The Amazing Spider-Man #252 - #258, Marvel Team-Up #141 - #145, Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #90 - #95

Number of pages: 488

Age Rating: 12+


After the events of The Secret Wars comic, Peter Parker returns to Earth with his new all-black outfit. He is stronger and faster than before due to the features added to him by the black alien creature called the symbiote, but is it only its effect on physical strength or does it have another effect that may cause problems for the neighborhood friend? Spider Man?

194.25 SAR
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معاذ العتيبي

1 year ago

جميل وجودة الكتاب حلوه شكراً

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