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Green Lantern: Earth One Vol.1

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Release year: 2018

the book:

  • Corinna Sara Bechko
  • Gabriel Hardman

Illustrator: Gabriel Hardman

Number of pages: 143

Age Rating: 12+


Who is Hal Jordan? He is an astronaut who works for Varys Aerospace and is far from Earth, but he is a permanent person who aspires to progress and all of this is not enough, then he finds a green ring to wear and opens many doors and many worlds for him and discovers that the Green Lantern group has fallen because of aliens called Manhunters, are there I hope Hal revives them again and does he have a chance?

100.20 SAR
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One comment

Nasser Jamil

1 year ago

جدآ مستمتع بالقصة والرسم في غاية الروعة متحمس لقرأت الفوليم الثاني

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