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Detective Comics (2016) Vol.4: Deus Ex Machina

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Release year: 2016

Written by: James Tynion IV


  • Carmen Carnero
  • Raul Fernandez
  • Alvaro Martinez

Number of pages: 121

Volume starts from: Issue #957 to #962

Supplementary story folder:

Age Rating: 12+


Batman and his team find themselves against a new enemy and can only be defeated by using magic, so Batman searches for a magical tool, but the path to him will not be that easy.

75.83 SAR
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One comment

مدى الزهراني

9 months ago

لما اشتري الكوميك يكون كامل يعني كل المجلدات فيه ولا اطر اشتري مره ثانيه؟


Basta Comics

9 months ago

كل مجلد يغطي عدد معين من فصول القصة مو الكوميك كامل

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