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Black Widow Vol.1: The Finely Woven Thread

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Release year: 2014

Author: Nathan Edomondson

Illustrator: Phil Noto

Number of pages: 137

Volume starts from: Issue #1 to #6

Age Rating: 15+


You know Natasha as the Avengers, but you don't know her as a solo agent. When Black Widow begins to search for her shattered past, she will use methods the Avengers will not agree to to get the answers she wants in cold Russia.

88.43 SAR
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Two comments

رنا .

5 months ago

بيرجع يتوفر؟


Hams Al

1 year ago

حلو ويااليت تجيبون اشياء اكثر لدي سي غير المكروه مثل zan ولا poison ivy وغيرهم ، والله يوفقك ان شاءالله ❤️

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