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Detective Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition

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Release year: 2019

the book:

  • Brian Michael Bendis
  • Paul Dini
  • Wanner Ellis
  • Geoff Johns
  • Tom King
  • Christopher Priest
  • James Tynion IV
  • Peter J. Tomasi
  • Scott Snyder


  • Neal Adams
  • Mikel Janine
  • Joelle Jones
  • Kelly Jones
  • Doug Manhke
  • Jim Lee
  • Alex Maleev
  • Alvaro Martinez
  • Dustin Nguyen

Number of pages: 172

Age Rating: 12+


Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman, a group of the biggest writers and illustrators in the arena tell different stories about how special the character has been over the past 8 decades.

86.55 SAR
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