Basta Comics is an online store specialized in providing and selling comics and all related products

Payment, Shipping and Return Policy

payment methods:

  • mada card
  • credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Apple Pay

Cash on delivery is not available


Delivery and shipping period takes 2 to 4 days

We have shipping available to all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the future we will provide international shipping

Shipping company currently available

  • SMSA (35 riyals)

Return Policy

  • In the event that the customer did not receive the shipment from the shipping company and it was returned to us again due to the delay in going and receiving, the customer bears the shipping fees again, and the store does not bear any additional costs for shipping again to the customer unless it is proven that the problem is from the shipping company.
  • The store does not bear the damage of shipments due to the poor transportation of the shipping company. In the event that this happens, God forbid, please contact us immediately.

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Abdulellah mojalled

4 months ago

في دفع عند الاستلام؟